The photographer Efrén Razkin was in residence during the month of January 2018 at our space FURRR studio. We have been working on a project called Sota-0.

For this project, the artist wanted to print his photos on ephemeral medium, so the images printed could disappear during the exhibition. He chose the ice as physical medium and the silkscreen as the printing technique.

So we started to work on silkscreen on ice prints. It was an experimental process where we made a lot of tests to get the images printed on the ice blocks. During this process, we had many elements to take into account: the quality of the water to be frozen, the temperature of the freezer, the treatment of the printing films, the climatology during the printing process, …

After many tests, we got the procedure to print on ice and we made 33 pieces for the exhibition.


“Photographic ephemeral installation where the light, the materials and the environment are the vehicles that allow the display of the pieces but at the same time they are the agents that destroy the images on feeble supports. In a time of everything or nothing of collective obsession for capturing and exhibiting the reality, the installation aims to question the relevance of the photographic fact against the recalls and to highlight the poetic fragility of memory”

“Instal·lació fotogràfica efímera on la llum, els materials i l’entorn són els vehicles que permeten la visualització de les peces però alhora són els agents que destrueixen performàticament les imatges en suports peribles. En temps de tot o res i d’obsessió collectiva per capturar i exhibir la realitat, la instal·lació pretén qüestionar la rellevància del fet fotogràfic en enfront del record i enaltir la poètica fragilitat de la memòria.”

Sota-0 is an installation that was presented at the festival Ponts de Llum in Manresa. The place to exhibit this installation was an old electricity factory called the Anònima. To set up the installation in this astonishing industrial space, we had the measureless collaboration of the Ex Abrupto team. Working together we design the exhibition space to present this project to the public.

Thanks a lot to the organizers and all the friends that helped us in many ways!



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